The seed, shoots, and leaves of Chinese Pistache are edible and are cooked/roasted and are eaten or used in confectionery. 49. $13.49 $ 13. It's adaptability, moderate size and drought tolerance makes it a good tree for southwestern desert regions. Life Cycle / Plant Type: Deciduous tree Plant Height: 30 to 60 feet (9 to 18 m) Plant Spread: 20 to 25 feet (6 to 7.5 m) Blooms: Early Spring Flower Details: Green panicles Leaf Foliages: Aromatic. Chinese Pistache if planted from the bare roots should be settled as soon as brought and should be kept moist and fresh for initial days. 500 Pistacia Chinensis Seeds (Chinese Pistachio Seeds, Chinese Pistache Seeds) USD32.00. Chinese Pistache 30 Seeds - (Pistachio) Pistacia Chinensis Tree Seeds, Chinese Pistachio Fast Color Tree Seeds, Pistachio Seeds for Planting. The Chinese pistache, known scientifically as Pistacia chinensis, can grow as high as 60 feet, although the specimen usually grows 25 to 30 feet high with a spread of about 15 feet. AtFipan 5Pcs/Pack Pistachios Seeds Garden Outdoor Nut Tree Fruit Tree Seeds Planting. Dark green foliage turns dramatic shades of orange to red in autumn. Scientific Name: Pistacia chinensis Common Name (s): Chinese Pistachio, Chinese Pistache Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): 6 to 9 / H3 Plant Details. Contrarily, the roots are non-aggressive and deeply rooted. 100 Pistacia Chinensis Seeds (Chinese Pistachio Seeds, Chinese Pistache Seeds) USD7.90. Uses of Chinese Pistache. An outstanding specimen, shade, or parkway tree. Originates from China. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Collect the seeds from a Chinese pistache tree and remove the outer pulp from the seed by … Leaves are alternate, compound, even pinnate, 10 to 12 leaflets, each leaflet 2" to 4" long, 3/4" wide, lanceolate. FREE Shipping. Quick description: Some staking and pruning are necessary to produce a decent trunk. Quick Growing and Care Guide.
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