Use The EasyPress To Transfer Cricut Infusible Ink Infusible Ink Pens/Markers will last a minimum of four full 8.5” x 11” pages of writing or drawing. However, you can also use a heat press that reaches 400°F or 205°C. So What is the Difference FAQs about Infusible Ink Pens Which Cricut Machines Can Use Infusible Ink Pens? Yes! of a transferred Infusible Ink design. Cut using the Infusible Ink material setting – make sure to mirror! To ensure the best layering experience, follow our pro tips: Yes! Once your project is cool, it is ready to go. We recommend 2.75" W x 2.75" L or 1.625" W x 5" L. It’s all part of the magic! To be sure your infusible ink transfers correctly, always check the heat guide so you know exactly which settings to use for your materials. Inside each box of Infusible Ink transfer sheets, you will get 2 sheets of butcher paper. The Infusible Ink heat-transfer process requires specially engineered polymer or polyester-based substrates, materials that have been manufactured to receive the ink as a permanent bond. Can you use Cricut Infusible inks with Silhouette CAMEO? Infusible Ink compatible blanks are base materials – or substrates – such as T-shirts, tote bags, and coasters, that are specially engineered and thoroughly tested to work with all Cricut Infusible Ink products. To get your best results and avoid mistakes, just be sure to read the instructions, browse our how-to articles, or watch our amazing library of videos to make sure you have all the necessary materials and to get feel for what it will take to complete a project. If it’s too hot you risk destroying the pigment in the ink. As we grow our list of compatible Infusible Ink blanks, they will come in a variety of fiber and material compositions. No. Due to unusually high demand & delivery constraints, we are experiencing 1-week shipping delays. The recommended Cricut settings for Pillow Shams with Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or Pens/Markers are 385 °F with light pressure at 60 seconds. A Hand Sanitizer Holder can be quickly and easily decorated and personalized using Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. INFUSIBLE INK TRANSFER SHEETS. If you like sharp, vivid, and vibrant designs that never crack, peel, or flake, Infusible Ink products are your go-to. Doing so could remove pigment from the transfer sheet and eventually clog the pen or ma, Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of before using Infusible Ink, Ink transfers require very high heat. Infusible Ink heat transfers are dry to the touch immediately following a transfer. Cricut Infusible Ink: Test with BOTH EasyPress Editions – Crafty Keeper,, Choose a Cricut Infusible Ink-compatible blank, such as a, Cut your design out on the Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheet using a Cricut cutting machine (Joy, Explore or Maker). Infusible Ink transfers require very high heat. You can cut these sheets out like normal on your machine and when applied with heat the ink will release from the paper and infuse into the base project. It’s important to note that it does make a difference if you use butcher paper. As soon you begin the heat-transfer process, the ink of your Infusible Ink design will permanently transfer to your blank. Mini but mighty. You can see and touch samples of Infusible Ink transfers at your local Michaels store. Transfers truly are permanent. I mean, who doesn’t need these right now? Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited. No. I then weeded it by hand. However, to avoid additional transfer or ghosting, do not fold your project until it is cool to the touch. Be sure to Mirror your design if using Design Space. Infusible Ink requires an Easy Press 2 (or a heat press that reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit). Because Cricut Infusible Ink materials require a higher heat setting and more precision than traditional irons, it is important to use a heating element like the Cricut EasyPress 2 or a heat press. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) The product is an Iron-on vinyl that uses heat and pressure to adhere to your project. Make sure to select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. Press your design according to the directions in the Heat Guide. Note: Never layer an Infusible Ink design on top of an iron-on transfer; the additional heat will likely damage or melt the iron-on transfer. The Infusible Ink transfer sheet is much easier than weeding heat transfer vinyl. Ensure that the liner of each sheet is large enough to cover the entire design, including previously applied portions. Here are a few things to consider: No. No. Design. Load the mat into the machine and click go. For the dual tipped marker, store the marker flat to allow optimal use of both tips. And secondly, you need to make sure the heat source is very still during the pressing process. Doing so could remove pigment from the transfer sheet and eventually clog the pen or marker. The  process is very clean and contained. Place your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto your StandardGrip cutting mat with the ink (colored) side facing upwards. This will protect your tote bag, so that the ink doesn’t transfer through to the other side. Shop. Cut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers using laser copy paper. No flaking, no peeling, no cracking, and no wrinkling – ever! If you use a weeding tool, it is possible to leave a bit of unwanted ink behind on the transfer sheet, which could transfer to your project. DIY Paper Flower Wall Art: Mason Jars & Vases, Markers are $14.99. A growing list of compatible Infusible Ink blanks includes T-shirts, tote bags, and coasters. Preheat an EasyPress 2 to 400F. Luckily the heat temperature for Infusible Ink transfer sheets and Infusible Ink markers and pens are the same, but differ on the medium they are being applied to. If your project vision requires a dark-colored base (substrate) or if you want to use a specific base material like wood or 100% cotton, use iron-on/heat-transfer vinyl. You’ll notice that ceramic coasters take a press of 240 seconds which is the longest of any of the materials. If you have an Explore Air 2, you will need to turn the dial to ‘custom’ first. Cut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers using laser copy paper. Infusible Ink pigment is solid on the transfer sheet, and only converts to a gas after you begin the heating process. SUBLIMA TION HEAT PRESS SETTINGS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Surface Press Time Temp Pressure Tips/Comments Polyester Fabric 35-40 seconds 400° F 40 psi (medium) Pre-press shirt for 3-5 seconds to eliminate moisture. For best results with Cricut EasyPress and Cricut EasyPress 2, we recommend keeping your Infusible Ink design smaller than your heat plate. Infusible Ink projects are optimized for use. Unlike Infusible Ink, printable iron-on is a printable heat-transfer film that you can feed through a printer and print on directly, then transfer to your garment using heat. Applying heat in sections may result in unwanted marks in your finished project. 2. « How to Make a T-Shirt with a Cricut – Beginner Friendly! Basically it's science it turns from a solid to a … No, we don’t recommend it. No, we do not recommend drawing directly onto your blank. … Cricut calls these Infusible Transfer Sheets . The results are bright, beautiful, seamlessly smooth transfers that never flake, peel, wrinkle, or crack. After you “crack” your cut design, just take away the excess paper and you’ll be left with just your design on the liner. For precise settings for your project, always use the Cricut EasyPress Heat Transfer Guide. You can see how I weed my design when I. Infusible Ink transfer sheets will be available in packs of two or four. Even better, they can also be used in combination to create extraordinary projects. After my own trial and error, I now go with 400° for 30 seconds, and apply more pressure than is suggested by the Cricut site. Jennifer Marx is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are pre-inked with solid colors or patterns and ready to cut using your Cricut cutting machine. Cricut tested several different types of paper and their heat guide settings were developed using butcher paper. Unlike the vinyl or HTV process, where artwork is attached on top of a base material using adhesive, an Infusible Ink transfer becomes one with the material itself. Click Here to download the EasyPress 2 heat settings. Markers with a single tip should be stored with the tip down. There’s a new kid on the heat transfer block, and its name is Cricut Infusible Ink. If your heat press isn’t hot enough the colors won’t be as vibrant or saturated and you may have other issues such as the ink not fully transferring in spots. No, we do not recommend drawing directly onto your blank. | All prices displayed in U.S. dollars. Yes, but with varied results. No, Infusible Ink designs will not transfer to 100% cotton. If you’re using an Infusible Ink marker, select Laser Copy Paper instead and adjust your tools to Infusible Ink Marker. If you move the heat source with Infusible Ink it will ruin the design. For recommended settings, use the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide. We do not recommend reusing your design for a second heat transfer. how to color with Cricut Infusible Ink Pens. Cricut Infusible Ink is a new way to apply something to fabric. Place an Infusible Ink transfer sheet on your Standard Grip Mat patterned side up. What All Do I Need to Use Cricut Infusible Ink? Place the Infusible Ink on the Standard Grip mat INK SIDE UP! Cricut iron-on should be layered on top of a transferred Infusible Ink design. Apply heat. The Infusible Ink system includes Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets in a variety of solid colors and patterns and Infusible Ink Pens & Markers to design your own transfer sheet. Here is my tutorial showing you, To weed Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, it’s recommended that you employ the “cracking” method. Rest assured that our list of compatible blanks will continue to grow to include exciting project possibilities like notebooks, key chains, dog tags, and more. Next, place your iron-on vinyl on Standard Grip Mat shiny side down just as you normally would. When transferred at the right temperature for the required amount of time, your Infusible Ink will transform from a solid state to a gaseous state and bond with your project blank. Infusible Ink. Search. Check your Easy Press heat guide for the correct settings. Unlike Iron-on, Cricut Infusible Ink undergoes a chemical reaction with heat and infuses into your crafting blank becoming one. You’ll come to learn that Cricut iron-on and Infusible Ink products are both great for different reasons. The new heat transfer product is exclusively available only at Michaels Online now and will be at Michaels stores starting Friday, June 21, 2019. This may happen. Infusible Ink is a transferable ink that is carried by paper. Place a piece of butcher paper between your project and your heat press (this is just to be safe and avoid ink getting on your press!) Watch in awe as your designs bloom into sharp, vibrant colors. The markers are intended for use by hand only. When you use an iron to apply iron-on vinyl you move it around to get the iron-on vinyl to adhere to the surface. How To Heat Press Infusible Ink Place your Cricut EasyPress mat on a firm, sturdy surface. 3 heat settings for iron-on and Infusible Ink projects Personalize the unexpected Customize unique items like hats, shoes, or even stuffed animals Thoughtful, compact design Easily press between buttons and seams with precision tip Read more. on laser copy paper first, then transfer to a compatible Cricut blank using the recommended settings in the Cricut EasyPress Heat Transfer Guide. . Want more help using Infusible Ink? Make your design. Infusible Ink pigment is in a solid state on the sheet. livestream of the unboxing and test between the EasyPress editions! Select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or Infusible Ink Pens & Markers and a compatible Cricut blank. *Graphics created with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers require heat-resistant tape. NEVER move your EasyPress during the transfer. It’s similar to the sublimation process. Step 7: Apply heat. You can only heat press the ink once or it will smear. Weeding by hand was actually very easy and the preferred method. Place Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto StandardGrip mat, liner side down. Infusible Ink; Accessories & Materials; Projects; Account. The heat settings are really important with Infusible Ink. Infusible Ink Pens/Markers use a heat-activated process to bind the specially formulated ink with compatible Infusible Ink blanks for permanent transfers that will not wrinkle, crack, flake, or bleed. Vibrant. Unlike an iron-on transfer or vinyl application where the image is stuck to the top of a base material using an adhesive of some sort, an Infusible Ink heat transfer becomes one with the material itself. Cricut Infusible Ink is a fun new product that gives us commercial-grade, permanent heat-transfer effects with vibrant color that is peel-proof, flake-proof, and wash-proof. Sign up here! Don’t be fooled by its size. make a Cricut Infusible Ink layered T-shirt. They are available in basics and neons, and in a pen and marker. Overcome Your Fear of the Camera and Do It Scared ». *Look for Cricut blanks with the Infusible Ink compatibility badge. No, we don’t recommend it. It only takes a few minutes to heat up. No. Tack spray transfer and use blow-out sheet to avoid ghosting Vapor Apparel 45-55 seconds 380-390° F 40 psi (medium) See for tips on reducing press lines. Resource Library. Load the mat, then press the Cricut “C” (cut) button on your machine to begin the cut. When stored as directed, Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are designed to last at least a year. on laser copy paper first, then transfer to a compatible Cricut blank using the recommended settings in the, Yes. However, you can also use a heat press that reaches 400°F or 205°C. Never! According to Cricut’s Heat Settings Guide, the time and temperature for Infusible Ink on a raglan is 385° for 30 seconds. Held our hand still so no movement occurred which could make a shadow during design transfer and impact ink fusing process. Refer to Heat Transfer Guide for recommended settings. Use extreme caution when handling blanks, papers, transfer sheets, mats, and, machines when completing Infusible Ink transfers. Design Space will then prompt you to add your marker into the B clamp. When transferred at the right temperature for the required amount of time, your Infusible Ink will transform from a solid state to a gaseous state and bond with your project blank. Using generic blanks (blanks without the compatibility badge) may compromise your results. Feel free to pin on Pinterest! Use extreme caution when handling blanks, papers, transfer sheets, mats, and Cricut EasyPress machines when completing Infusible Ink transfers. I reference it every time for a project and know that my results will be right the first time. Cricut Infusible Ink is a special ink that when combined with heat turns into a gas that becomes one with the polyester. Find out which T-shirts you can use with Infusible Ink transfer sheets. The iron-on material sits on top of your base material using an adhesive, whereas Infusible Ink infuses into the fibers of compatible Cricut blanks without any adhesive. Visit, How to use Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets with Cricut apparel blanks, How to use Infusible Ink Pens and Markers on Cricut apparel blanks. All Cricut EasyPress models are compatible with Infusible Ink. First, you can use a Cricut maker, the Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Explore Air 2. Note: Before handling Infusible Ink materials, be sure that your hands are dry and free of any oils or lotions. If your project requires a specialty finish or effect, you’ll find those only with iron-on/heat-transfer vinyl products, e.g., glitter, holographic, metallic/foil. Select options to view instructions. Heat resistant tape; Heat gun; Infusible Ink Mug. So this part is important and not everybody tells you these things in their tutorials. I always like to look up the Infusible Ink heat settings on the heat guide. Search. *Graphics created with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers require heat-resistant tape. You’ll need to turn the dial on the front of the machine to ‘Custom’ beforehand if you’re using the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 and that is what I used for my project. The product is an ink transfer material. I'd like to receive the free email course. Instead of gluing vinyl on top, infusible ink is ink that is transferred through heat and pressure. Cricut Infusible Ink is a revolutionary heat transfer medium that gives professional-grade transfers in ultra-vibrant colors that won’t crack, peel or fade! However, the original Cricut EasyPress will take longer and may not achieve the same results.
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